"Gradifi has a Solution to the $1.3 Trillion Student Loan Debt Crisis"


Attract and retain the best talent by offering our new SLP Plan™ (Student Loan Paydown) benefit to your employees.

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"We decided it was time we put our money where our mouth is, and make sure our own people are on sound financial footing."

Tracey Flaherty, Senior Vice PresidentNatixis

"Eighty percent of our workforce is millennials. They told us that this is a big deal to them."

Michael Fenlon, Global Talent DirectorPricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

"Student loan debt is a significant source of stress for our younger employees…and if we can help, we want to."

Steve Connelly, FounderConnelly Partners

The Student Loan Debt Problem

The numbers are indisputable and they are staggering. The cost of higher education is preventing people from achieving their life goals. With the help of employers and others, Gradifi has the solution.

Student loan debt exceeds $1.3 Trillion nationally
70% of college graduates have student loan debt
Recent college graduates with student loans owe an average of $35,000
Student loan debt will double to over $2 Trillion by 2025
Over 40 million people have student loan debt
Student loan debt exceeds credit card debt and auto loan debt

Gradifi Programs Pay Down Student Loan Debt Faster

By combining contributions from employers with other opportunities to earn Paydown Rewards, Gradifi can save our members thousands of dollars while helping employers retain their best employees.


SLP Plans help employers attract and retain the best talent while improving employees' financial well being

Paydown Rewards

Rewards are a virtual currency which you earn through programs offered by our partners to help you get out of debt faster

Family & Friends

Soon family, friends and even colleges can contribute and be a part of the student loan debt solution

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