College SaveUp

Ease your employees’ stress
of saving for their children's education with direct contributions
to their 529 college savings plans.

The need for a CSU Plan benefit

More U.S. parents worry about having enough money to pay for their children's college education than any other any common financial concerns. They even worry about it more than saving for retirement.1

Despite the concerns there are only 13.9 million 529 plan accounts in the U.S.2 and less than half of parents are saving for their child’s education.3

You can now help ease your employees’ biggest financial concern, prevent student loan debt from growing and reach your company’s HR goals for a happy, engaged workforce. 

Rising Costs

Parents and students are already taking on considerable student debt to cover the costs of college today. By 2035, the costs are expected to be considerably higher.4

In-State Public$86,000$222,000
Out-of-State Public$136,000$352,000

How it works

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Customize Program & Contributions

We work with you to design the perfect program for your business and employees. Our easy-to-use interface allows your HR team to set up a plan with no system integration required.

Enroll Employees

It takes less than ten minutes for employees to sign up and be ready to receive their first contribution. Our customer service team is ready to answer any question to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Review and Approve

You will have the opportunity to review and approve contributions each month before they are made. This takes just a few minutes to do.

CSU Plan Contributions make an impact on your employees' lives

You can help Edward save

$15,293 in a 529 plan 

for his daughter's education5