Gradifi enables your company to help pay down your student loans.

Companies offer the benefits that their employees ask for. If you want this benefit, tell your human resources department.

Get your company to offer an SLP Plan® benefit

Student Loan Paydown

The SLP Plan® benefit helps you pay back your student loans with employer contributions.

Features & Benefits

Get monthly employer contributions directly into your loan account.


On top of your regular monthly payments, the contribution will reduce loan principal for faster debt repayment.


Monitor your debt repayment with your personal Gradifi dashboard.


of employees rank student debt as their top financial concern.1

See how SLP PlaN® contributions

can make a lasting impact

Without SLP Contributions, You Pay
With SLP Contributions, You Pay
Pay off debt 4 years, 1 month earlier and save $18,193 with a $200/mo SLP Plan

Estimated savings include total SLP contributions plus estimated interest savings.  Assumes extra payments are applied throughout repayment term of the loan and that you continue to make your regular monthly payments. Your savings will vary.

Think your employer should offer student loan repayment benefits?

We think so too! Give your HR department the information packet below to educate them on how student loans are impacting you and your coworkers.

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